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Private Pilot: Flight Training Manual, Second Edition

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Item Number: PVT-M

This manual is used by students training to be private or commercial pilots, and by commercial pilots training to be flight instructors. It does apply, however, to all airplane pilots, regardless of certification level. An addendum is included for technologically advanced airplanes (fiber composite construction). (293 Pages)

Chapter 1, Pilot Training. How to find a good instructor; elements to consider if you contemplate an aviation career; FAA pilot certificates and ratings; and elements that identify good instructors, flight schools, and students.

Chapter 2, Standard Operating Procedures. The proper ground and flight procedures for single-engine, basic training airplanes, engines, checklists, and radio communications.

Chapter 3, Maneuvers for Solo Flight. How to fly the wing and master the pre-solo flight maneuvers.

Chapter 4, Normal Takeoffs and Landings. How to takeoff, fly the traffic pattern, and land—includes the constant attitude and power, variable airspeed approach, and the three steps for making perfect landings.

Chapter 5, Advanced Maneuvers for Private Pilots. How to fly the maneuvers required for private pilot certification.

Chapter 6, Basic Cross-Country Navigation and Flight Procedures. Dead-reckoning, pilotage, and land-fall navigation; using aviation weather information; fuel considerations; inflight procedures; and the mental navigation rules.

Chapter 7, Radio Navigation: Orientation and Tracking. How to determine your position in relation to VOR and NDB stations, and how to track a VOR course.

Chapter 8,GPS Navigation, Instrument and Night Flying, and Insights—a collection of pertinent articles that I wrote for AOPA Flight Training magazine.

Chapter 9, Complex, High Performance Airplanes. How to operate these airplanes—you will undoubtedly do this after receiving your private pilot certificate.

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