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Instrument Pilot: Flight Training Manual

Price: $54.95
Item Number: IFR-M

This manual is used by students training to be instrument or ATP pilots, and by those training to be instrument flight instructors.
An addendum is included for scanning a glass cockpit's primary flight display (PFD). (340 Pages)

Chapter 1
, Standard Operating Procedures. The proper procedures for single-engine, complex airplanes and engines, checklists, navigation radios, and radio communications.

Chapter 2
, Instrument Scanning, Interpretation, and Aircraft Control. How to scan and interpret the flight instruments and control and trim the airplanes—includes my life-saving four-step-scan procedure.

Chapter 3
, Instrument Flight Maneuvers. How to perform the coordination skills and flight maneuvers required for the instrument rating—includes my unique Oscar Pattern that quickly develops the coordination skills and thought processes required for basic instrument flight.

Chapter 4
, Radio Navigation: Orientation, Intercepts, and Tracking. How to use one, simplified set of navigation rules to determine your position in relation to a VOR or NDB station; to intercept a VOR, NDB, or GPS course; and to track those courses when a crosswind exists.

Chapter 5
, Radio Navigation: Holding Patterns. How to master holding patterns the easy way—you visualize the pattern and entry procedure while you look at the flight instruments and maintain airplane control.

Chapter 6
, Radio Navigation: Departures, Arrivals, and Approaches. How to operate in a terminal area when departing or arriving in instrument conditions.

Chapter 7, Cross-Country Flying, Advanced Equipment. How to operate during en route instrument flight—includes cockpit organization techniques and the mental checklists and navigation rules that the pros use. How to operate advanced navigation equipment—DME (flying DME arcs), HSI, and RMI.

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