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Skyroamers® publications provide professional cockpit leadership for students, pilots, and flight instructors. Written for the cockpit, not the classroom, our publications contain practical procedures and insights that are the foundation for proper airplane operation, pilot self-confidence, and flight safety. 


Rod Machado, nationally renown professional speaker, educator, humorist, and pilot, California: "I heartily recommend the Instrument Pilot Flight Training Manual and all of the Skyroamers publications for all phases of flight training and as valuable reference manuals."

Wayman Dunlap, Editor, The Pacific Flyer, California: “…we recommend to you a copy of the Instrument Pilot Flight Training Manual by Ralph Butcher. He advises the reader in plain language what procedures it takes to become a safe, proficient single-engine, single-pilot IFR driver in today’s airspace. Butcher talks to you as if you and he were sitting across from each other in a quiet, comfortable room. He laces his narrative with ‘secrets’ picked up in his 25 years of flying.”

Greg Erianne, university professor and flight instructor: "After recently purchasing your Private Pilot Flight Training Manual, I realized once again why I first chose to use your system of instruction when I was teaching students to fly. Your common sense approach to flight topics, down-to-earth (no pun intended) advice, and CONCRETE suggestions about how to accomplish specified flight goals all deserve a great deal of praise!"

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Ralph's Insights

This page is updated periodically with Ralph Butcher's Insight articles that he wrote for the AOPA Flight Training magazine.

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WAC: CG-18 World Aeronautical Chart
WAC: CG-18 World Aeronautical Chart
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GATS Fuel Jar Strainer - 12 Ounce
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